PaydayPeek Security Information

PaydayPeek as well as several other lenders, have been targeted by unknown fraud groups. They are trying to make loans available to consumers on behalf of our business via the internet, emails, and phone calls. Scammers can appear convincing, particularly when they employ threats and intimidation and appear to have access to personal data. They use the image of a reputable, reputable company, as well as dire threats, to gain the information they need from victims. We would like to inform you that these scams aren’t being conducted through PaydayPeek or anyone associated with the business. We are committed to our customers and work closely with the officials to stop fraudsters.

Recognize Fraudulent Loan Offers

It is advisable to be wary that an offer for a loan is not legitimate. You should be suspicious of a loan offer if:

  • The scammer states that you’ve been pre-approved for loans and then asks for the purchase of a prepaid debit card or wire funds as a “processing fee” or “good faith deposit”. Legal lenders do not provide pre-approval prior to submitting an application and don’t require the use of good faith deposits.
  • The individual asks for your financial or personal information. Be cautious when giving out financial or personal details through the phone or via the web. Don’t give payment information you didn’t initiate. If you’re not comfortable with a call that wasn’t made by you or your company, simply hang out and ask what the purpose behind the call is. You can then contact the company through authentic sources like the contact numbers listed on the site of company.